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New Blog

HI!  I finally got the courage to start my own blog!  It's called Arbitrary Findings because, well, I'll be posting just that!  I'd be forever grateful if you checked it out and even followed me!!

Arbitrary Findings

Updates to sales!

My Sales
My Collection
My Wishlist

ADDED tons of Sailor Moon items to my sales journal!!
Cels, Gashapon, Cards, Keychains!  Check it all out!


My Sales
My Collection
My Wishlist

Due to some issues, I'll have to downsize my collection, both Sailor Moon & Kidrobot.  Below are the newly added items.  I'm open to offers!

Updated Sales, Wishlist, Collection

My Sales
My Collection
My Wishlist

Check out my sales for Monster High, Sailor Moon, Tech Deck, Magic, Kidrobot, and more!
I'm always looking to buy Sailor Moon items, so if you're selling, check my wishlist to see if you've got anything I want ^^
My collection will be updated within the next few days!!
I've updated my sales thread here
Please check it out!  I'm getting desperate to sell some of these items :)
I've got a buncha stuff for sale in case anyone's interested ^^

I've got 100% feedback on eBay and deviantart!  I accept Paypal only ^^ Fees & shipping not included in total.
Most of these items are in used condition.  I can take more pictures if needed.

Thanks for lookinggg!

Updated 3/08/14
What's still for sale!

R Unpainted Gashapon Set (5 Inners, ChibiUsa, Luna, Artemis, Neo Queen Serenity, Pluto)
Neo Queen Serenity Unpainted Gashapon
SuperS Paper Squares (Amazon Quartette, Pegasus, Super Moon & ChibiMoon)
Comic Sleeves
Misc Sailor Moon cards
Misc Non Sailor Moon Books
Mixx Comic
Sailor Moon Manga Art Tin Pencil Case
Sailor Moon Banpresto Bendy Plush
Card Sleeves
Ami Gashapon
Sailor Mercury Gashapon
Sailor Moon Pencil Lead
Sailor Moon Figuarts
Sailor Moon 5 Inners Swimsuit Gashapon
Classic Unpainted Gashapon Set
Naru Keychain
Misc. Magic the Gathering Cards
Sailor Pluto Plush

Some Pics

Ash's Sailor Moon Collection

Updated 11/5/13
Since my collection updates pretty much every week, I took pics of almost every item in my collection so I can just add pics of the new stuff.


New Editions:
Sailor Moon 1- 6
Sailor V 1

Old Editions:
Sailor Moon 1-11
Supers 1-4 [missing special cover for 1]
Stars 1-3

Meet Sailors:



Art Books:




Custom Monster High Senshi

Get yours here!



Unpainted Gashapon:

Candy Toys:



Cards/Stickers/Other Paper Things:

Resin Kits:


See my wishlist here!
See my sales here!

Sailor Moon Wishlist!


I'm going to try to keep my Sailor Moon Wishlist items here!  Please let me know if you've got anything for sale [I'm trying to avoid eBay prices] ^^

Updated 8/27/13

Sailor Moon's Holy Grail [loose/broken]

Super Sailor Moon Doll [preferably loose]

Loose/Broken/Dirty/Naked Chibimoon Doll (for customization) [Preferably one like this or very very similar]

Cosmic Heart Compact & Spiral Moon Heart Rod [both loose]

These Keychains
To be updated

Stars 1 Special Cover Mint

Cutie Rod & Tiara Candy Toy [loose preferably]

Custom Sailor Moon Dolls

Here's the original dolls!

Serenity's dress was heavily stained & her hair was soo coarse and poor Pluto's leg was broken! [Pluto came without gloves, wand, and staff]

I've been working on these a bit and just wanted to show my progress.

9/7/13 Neo Queen Serenity is complete!  Pluto is waiting on a new staff as hers fell and snapped in two..

Updated!  Waiting on the Crown and Pluto's gloves & wand!

Teaser shots!!

~ I used
this guide to help me with NQ Serenity's odango hair!  Before that, though, I took a very fine tooth comb, brushed out all the knots, and dipped it in simmering water [it sizzled!!] and brushed it straight and laid it in between a towel and the countertop and phonebooks!
~ I wanna thank my lovely aunt for making NQ's dress and my lovely grandmother for helping me with a 2nd pair of eyes and hands with the beads!
~ Pluto's keys came from Michaels - on sale!
~ Though it may not look like it, I tightened Pluto's choker a bit, too.

I've ordered a NQ Serenity crown & a Pluto transformation wand from
this user on etsy!  See what I ordered below :)

Pluto's wand from this group

Neo Queen Serenity's Crown from this shot

I'm working on Pluto's staff now - the glue is drying.  Then I'll figure out the best method for NQ Serenity's wings!  Then all I'll be waiting on is the printed accessories ^^

Stay tuned!
I've updated my Sailor Moon wishlist!  Please check it out here ^^

Some of my items have sold!  I'll be adding some more Sailor Moon items for sale here soon!

I need to add a collection post too....maybe that'll be a project for tonight..hmm..



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